Charleston Half Training – 12/8-12/14 – Week 6

December 15, 2014

Charleston is little more than a month away (32 days to be exact).

Monday 12/8 – 60 minutes personal training + 60 minutes barre

Tuesday 12/9 – 2 miles + 60 minutes spin/sculpt

Wednesday 12/10  1 mile + 60 minutes barre

Thursday 12/11 – 1 mile

Friday 12/12 – 1 mile + 60 minutes barre

Saturday 12/13 4.25 miles + 60 minutes personal training + 4.75 miles

Sunday 12/14 – 4.5 miles + 60 minutes yoga sculpt

Total: 18.5 miles

Last weekend my right foot started to bother me so I decided to lay off the running for a week.  Monday-Friday I used the elliptical and walked.  This past Saturday I eased back into running with 4.25 miles (I covered the rest of my planned 9 mile long run on the elliptical).  My foot felt better, but I could still feel the strain when going up hills or shifting side to side.  This week I’ll keep it light on the running again. My fitness highlight of the week was planking for 1.5 minutes (on my forearms too) and attending 4 yoga/barre classes.

This past week I strung the lights on my mini tree (3 or 4 footer), decorated the apartment, and wrapped some gifts.  I still need to finish decorating the tree and write my cards.


The social highlight was attending my uncle’s company holiday party.  I always enjoy seeing my cousins!  Of course good food involved….


Today I am linking up with Tara at Running n’ Reading for her Weekend Update.

How was your weekend?

Have you finished decorating, gift wrapping, or sending cards?

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