Charleston Half Training 11/3-11/9 – Week 1

November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Last week was my last NYC Marathon Training recap (sad face).  As you may have noticed with the title change, my next training cycle will focus on the Charleston Half Marathon, which is 10 weeks away (woah 2015).  While I have 5-6 races remaining in 2014, they are primarily for fun.

Monday 11/3 – Rest day + 60 minute massage

Tuesday 11/4 – Rest day + stretching/foam rolling

Wednesday 11/5  1 mile walk + stretching/foam rolling

Thursday 11/6 – 1 mile walk + stretching/foam rolling

Friday 11/7 – 1 mile walk + 60 minute yoga

Saturday 11/8 Rest day + stretching/foam rolling

Sunday 11/9 – Across the Bay 10K

Total: 9.2 miles

This week’s focus was on all about recovery from the New York City Marathon. On Monday I had a 60 minute massage and it felt great.  There was a little quad soreness on Tuesday (only discomfort was going down the stairs), but by Wednesday my legs were feeling “back to normal”.  I did not have my first workout until Friday (I took an un-wind yoga class) because I still wanted to give my body more time to heal with some rest, stretching, and foam rolling.  I had my first run on Sunday but participating in the inaugural Across the Bay 10K.  Don’t worry, I took it nice and easy and ran/walk the 6.2 miles (recap coming tomorrow). 


On the social front I had the chance to catch up with two of my college friends in Baltimore.  We had lunch at Farmstead Grill in the new Canton Crossing Shopping Center.  The food was great and it was so cute inside.  I can’t believe how much Baltimore has changed! I remember going to school/working there when Harbor East didn’t even exist.


On Sunday the Alton Brown Live tour was in Washington, DC.  Held at the Warner Theater, Alton talked about some of his food observations (chickens do not have fingers – in reference to chicken fingers), sang a few songs, had some cooking demonstrations with his own version of the ice cream maker and easy bake oven, and hosted a Q&A via twitter feeds. 


The show as pretty funny and it was a nice way to end a relaxing weekend at home.

How was your weekend?

Have you been to Baltimore recently?

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