Charleston Half Training 11/10-11/16 – Week 2

November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014
And another weekend comes to an end.  How are we in the middle of November already?!

Monday 11/10 – Functional Movement Screening at Rose Physical Therapy Group 

Tuesday 11/11 – 4 miles + 45 minutes spin + 15 minutes sculpt

Wednesday 11/12  Rest day  + stretching/foam rolling

Thursday 11/13 – Rest day  + stretching/foam rolling

Friday 11/14 – Rest day  + stretching/foam rolling

Saturday 11/15 – Rest day  + stretching/foam rolling

Sunday 11/16 – .US National 12K Race

Total: 11.5 miles

I am easing my way back into my “normal” routine.  This week I ran 2.3 more miles than last week.  While I am enjoying my rest and recovery time, I look forward to running a bit more this week.  Last Monday I  attended a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) at Rose Physical Therapy Group in Washington, DC.  I’ll share what happened during the FMS and the results of my screening this Wednesday. 


Remember how I like to craft? On Wednesday I met up with one of my college roommates at a local West Elm for a Holiday DIY night.  We decorated stockings and had some yummy drinks and snacks.  Anyone else getting in the holiday spirit? My stocking is a gift – so no pic here 🙂


The second fitness highlight of the week was the .US National 12K Race held in Alexandria, Virginia.  Here is a picture close to the starting area.


It was a nice cool morning for a run and my legs felt great during the entire race (recap coming tomorrow).  The remainder of the day was spent relaxing under the covers.


Are you excited for the holidays?

What unique distance have you run? (ex. 12K, 14K)

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