Catching Up: Run, Fun and Food!

December 8, 2015

I’m backkkk!! What have I been doing besides working + studying (sorta…I need to earn 26 PDUs aka renew my PMP certification by the end of January)?  I’ll highlight the run, fun, and food from the past month:


Four races to be exact.  I didn’t race race them of course, they were all for fun.  First up was the Across the Bay 10K – I ran this last year and it was just as fun.  Leading up to this 10K I was worried my quad would act up, but it didn’t! The exercises were working and I think 2 miles+ running down the Chesapeake Bay Bridge helped a lot.

A couple of weeks later I participated in the Annapolis Running Classic and ran/walked the half.  Even though my quad was feeling better – I wanted to approach it conservatively. 

A little fun run on Thanksgiving Day.  It was my third year running the SOME Trot for Hunger 5K (here are my recaps from 2013 and 2014), so I won’t be writing a new recap since everything pretty much remained the same.  Here are some Cliffnotes:

  • It was a warm warm morning – I was a Sweaty Betty
  • I ran with my friend Laura and made sure to finish with our friend Brett
  • We finished with a time of 38:56 or 12:32 min/mile – my results are missing, I’ll have to email the race organizers
  • Packet pickup moved to Navy Yard this year – boo hooy for me

This past weekend I finished the last half of the year at the Rehoboth Half Marathon.  My friend Nathasha PR’d! Woo hoo!

Don’t worry….recaps (10 to be exact) will be posted before the end of the year! I have one more race left in 2015 – the Surf-n- Santa 5 Miler in Virginia, Beach.  On a related note, I volunteered at the .US National 12K in Alexandria.  I handed out medals (so fun) and was able to see Coco and some of my Oiselle teammates. 


A SoulCycle opened in my neighborhood, so I took advantage of the first timer rate ($20).  While everyone was super friendly, I thought it was okayyy.  I wasn’t a fan of the choreography (not too complicated with some jumps, but didn’t find it very creative), the music (it was techno-y, I was hoping for some pop like Brit, Tay-Tay, or Biebs – I guess I picked the wrong class), and it was super warm (the instructor turned on the fan when class was almost over).  I would say RIDE DC was my favorite DC studio with all the performance tracking, but sadly they closed for business a couple of months ago.

I’ve been wanting to hike Maryland Heights for some time now.  A couple of weekends ago I visited the trail with my friends Jenn, Brett and Elise.  It was a beautiful, cool day for a walk.

The hike was no joke… it was steep…my butt was so sore the next day! All the pain was worth it, the view of Harpers Ferry was fantastic.  We missed the fall foliage by a week, noted for next time.


While Cliff was in the Philippines visiting his grandmother, I visited a quasi-new Filipino restaurant called the Purple Patch in Mount Pleasant.  I shared the (Filipino) Chicken and Waffles with my mom.  It was topped with ube ice cream…my fave!

A family friend brought these apple roses for Thanksgiving.  Aren’t they beautiful? Definitely a Pinterest win! They were also yummy!

Food highlight of last weekend – splitting duck poutine at Dogfish Alehouse. 

Work should slow down a little bit as we approach the holidays, so I am hoping to get back to a regular posting routine over the next couple of weeks.  I miss reading and writing.  I’ll also start resuming my workout posts next week as I up my running/training game.

Are you a SoulCycle fan?

Have you gone hiking this fall?

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    1. so many comments…!!! aah, but I’m gonna start with those Filipino chicken and waffles because, OMG!! now I’m hungry. I’m sure they tasted every bit as amazing as they look. Congrats on all your races. I’ve been contemplating the Surf n Santa. I’ll be in town and have nothing else scheduled. Hmm. Glad to see a little update!
      Mar @ Mar on the Run recently posted…Apps For Your Mindfulness PracticeMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        You need to go + it was pretty empty when we went Saturday morning (early haha). My draft queue is on fire! More posts to come !

    1. I’ve actually never been hiking, but we don’t have many places to hike around here (we are flat in Charleston- as you know!). I haven’t been to Soul Cycle either because we don’t have that. I have only done spinning, which is a great workout… I’m not sure I’d want to pay $20 for a cycling class, that seems a bit pricey (and I’m guessing it’s normally even more).

      It looks like you’ve had a lot of fun over the past few months! Congrats on completing all the races and glad your quad is feeling a bit better. I love that you volunteer and that you don’t shy away from a race just because you’re not 100% (just do it for fun… which we all do bc it’s not like any of us are paid athletes). Glad things are going well in DC!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Hehe I haven’t been back to SC. I’ll stick to my YMCA cycling class + try out Bodypump too! We are going to a wedding in FL this February, and I thought maybe we could fly into Charleston and drive down (northern FL), but the prices were much higher for SC vs. FL. Hope you had a nice Christmas!

    1. Wow, those apple roses really are impressive! That’s cool that you volunteered at a race along with all those races you’ve been running. I love handing out medals, it may be the best volunteer job 🙂
      Chaitali recently posted…Jingle All the Way 5kMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Chaitali. They were – I would like to make them one day. Handing out medals was fun – some of the other volunteers were competitive about handing them out first haha. All in good fun though 🙂

    1. Nice to hear from you again! My big project for the holiday break is to study for the PMP test. I have been studying for 2 years and still haven’t taken the test. 🙁 The apple roses are absolutely beautiful! Thanksgiving morning was also very warm here for our Turkey Trot. First time in years! It’s supposed to be really nice this weekend too, so I hope it’s the same there.
      Jennifer @ Running on Lentils recently posted…Review: Alala Toughie Tank and Clutch TankMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Good luck with the studying! Are you using the Rita PMP study book? That really helped me. Let me know if you would like me to send a little study guide (for memorization) and test tips I sent to some of my friends. Hope you had a nice Christmas 🙂

    1. oh that hike looks so pretty! i haven’t gone hiking in years…maybe 5 at this point? i know it was back in undergrad, but there’s really no hiking places in the chicago area. also those apple roses are a total win! were they in a pastry or something? they look so yummy! i can’t wait to read all your recaps!
      brittney @ corral b recently posted…in the christmas spirit.My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Chicago is pretty flat! The apple roses were made using apples and filo dough (I believe). It was the perfect amount of tart/sweet/savory.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks, Nicole! I hadn’t seem them until very recently on Pinterest.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Haha 🙂 Shorter races are great…30-60 minutes…done already?! PS – I’m signed up for the Gate River Run 15K in March!

    1. You have certainly been busy! Those apple roses are beautiful. I look forward to hearing about Rehoboth, since now I have that itch that I think I want a 13.1 to finish my 2016 season 🙂

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Kelli! It was a super flat course and perfect weather (for me). Will let you know when its posted!

    1. Love the catchup! Great seeing and hanging out with you last wkd in Rehoboth. Had a lot of fun on Friday! 🙂 Ok, so 1. those apples look amazing, 2. I love Purple Patch — we should meet there for HH or food one day!, 3. I’ve been meaning to try the Maryland Heights hike! Will add to the must-do list now, 4. I enjoyed SoulCycle, but i had nothing to compare it to… I did think it was way too pricey though, so I probably won’t do it again anytime soon. Have fun at the Surf n Santa!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Yes! Let’s plan for a Jan or Feb HH! Let me know if you need company for Maryland Heights – I’ll go back!

    1. Great to see a post from you again! Sounds like you’ve been busy! Good to hear your quad is feeling better! Cool that Cliff is in the Philippines, my parents are over there right now too! Those chicken and waffles look so good! And those rose apples, look amazing! Pretty awesome you went hiking! It’s a great workout especially when it’s steep! 🙂
      Sharon recently posted…Last Week’s Workouts and Weekly Wrap 11/30-12/6My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Sharon! Hope your parents had a good time in the Philippines. I hope I can add more hikes to my to dos next year – I should add a hike bucket list!

    1. Welcome back! You’ve been busy! Bummer about Soul Cycle…I’m really particular about the teaching style and the music that I like so I totally get that. Beautiful photos from your hike, even if you did miss the leaves by a week!
      Tracy recently posted…Confessions of a Frugal WannabeMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks! Hehe I am very particular about the music /style 🙂 Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Something I wish I could do more frequently! Such a good workout! Hope you had a nice Christmas!

    1. FOUR RACES since the last time you posted! That’s so impressive! I’m looking forward to hearing about them. I love the medal for the Rehoboth half – cute!

      I’m really looking forward to things slowing down at work as we cruise into the end of the year. So far that hasn’t happened, but I’m hoping by the end of next week things start changing :).
      Kristina recently posted…And the Survey SaysMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I know.. I’m a race machine hehe (will probably have less races next year). The Rehoboth medal is one of my favorites from this year.

    1. soul Cycle has not come this way yet. It seems some people love it and some are not enamored at all. I am not a big bike fan, so it would not be at the top of my to do list.
      You did a ton of races this year, what a great accomplishment !
      Karen @ Fit in France recently posted…Runfessions : RoutinesMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thank you, Karen! I hope training is going well. I am a little sad I will not run Paris, but I know a break was needed so fall marathon it is.

    1. I ran the .US National 12k! Such a fun race and I PR’d big time so that was pretty nice 🙂 Definitely recommend it since it’s nice and flat and fairly scenic. (Not quite as much as the Across the Bay, but still lovely.) Thanks for volunteering!
      Holly recently posted….US National 12k Race RecapMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        If my schedule works out, would like to run it again in 2015! I thought the shirts were SO MUCH nicer this year 🙂

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Hope you have a nice time in Miami. I look forward to hearing about San Juan. So strange I follow you on Bloglovin, but it only has posts through September – weird!

    1. That medal from Annapolis with the Blue Angels… AHHHHHH!!!! Those chicken and waffles with the ube ice cream… AHHHHH!!!!! Love those apple roses, too. Such beautiful pictures of your hiking scenery! I’m looking forward to hearing more updates on all of your races!
      Emily @ Out and About recently posted…Favorite race medalsMy Profile

    1. Bill ran up to Maryland Heights last winter on an extremely cold day in January while I was injured and couldn’t run. We planned to go back together, but then he was injured and couldn’t go. Glad you enjoyed the hike!

      Hope you have a very Happy New Year!
      Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Broken ResolutionsMy Profile

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