Building Your Race Schedule? Helpful Links

December 18, 2014

Like several of you, I am building my 2015 race schedule – woo hoo soooo exciting!! I thought I would share some sites/resources I use to search for races.

1. Half Marathons dot Net

I love my half marathons so I usually go here first.  You can look for races according to month or state. 


2. Running in the USA

According to their website, Running in the USA is the “is the largest online directory of races, results and clubs.”


3. Gametiime

I was introduced to this site when I joined the Flock. Not only can you search for races, but you can also follow friends/people and see what races are on their schedule.


4. Running Blogs

I view the race recap page of other running bloggers.  If any of them peak my interest (usually timing/location) I’ll continue reading the recap and look at the race page.  I’ll usually pin the page or bookmark it.

5. Local Run Groups/Stores.

Sometimes when I am looking for a small/low key/low cost races I head over to my two local road runner sites – DC Road Runners and Montgomery County Road Runners.  For those local to DC I usually pickup PRR and Pacers race schedule for the year (typically printed on a postcard).

6. Run Washington

Another useful site for those in the DC area – I like to use Run Washington.  They also have nice write ups/articles after an area race. 


What resources do you use?

Hows your 2015 schedule coming along?

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