About Me

Hello, my name is Jennifer!

Welcome to the new Run Jenny Run!  If the page title or Forrest Gump reference did not give it away, this blog will mainly chronicle my running and other life pursuits.  I currently live and work (until another project brings me elsewhere) in Washington D.C.

Growing up I was not too fond of running; I danced, swam year round, and played lacrosse <—I know, how ironic.  I always dreaded the timed mile during middle school gym class and lacrosse practices.  I was neither the fastest runner nor the slowest runner, but I could keep on running (what’s sprinting? 🙂 ) 

It was not until college that I started to run “for fun”-I attributed that to my new surroundings and friends.  I ran my first 10K in 2003 and have run 60 other races since then, including the 2007 and 2015 Marine Corp Marathon, 2014 New York City Marathon, and 2015 Chicago Marathon.

2007 Marine Corp Marathon with my cousins Stephanie and Chris

 Before the 2014 New York City Marathon

My running mantra has always been to “finish the race”, I was not too concerned about time (surprising to my friends since I am a Type-A person).  In hindsight, I think this mindset was to keep my training lax (with the exception of the MCM) and probably added unnecessary stress to my legs and body. 

Running in Vancouver B.C. August 2013 

In 2013 I went over my older (sigh) race times and did not realize that my average pace has increased 3 minutes per mile in the past 10 years!  My friend said it best, “you know if you trained better, you can get back to that time.”  She was right, I needed SMART running goals and a plan to reach them.

This blog has served threefold over the past year:

  1. Journal my races -several of my friends have asked me about my half marathon experiences, what a great way to document them for myself and others
  2. Hold me accountable -running, training, fitness and life goals
  3. Have fun and learn-web building and meeting new friends

I hope you enjoy reading!


Last Update: 3/5/16

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