2015 PRR Mother’s Day 4 Miler Race Recap

May 27, 2015

This past winter I purchased a race pass from Potomac River Running (4 races for $110 or $27/race).  I was looking at the PRR events page and saw they had a Mother’s Day 4 Miler on the calendar – perfect! I asked my mom if she would like to participate on Mother’s Day morning and she said, “yes”.  

Image: Potomac River Running

I signed us both up (PRR issues you a race pass code upon registration and the same code can be used for multiple people) and was excited to try out a different PRR course (I’ve run the Reston Town Center course 2x and the Perfect 10K course 2x). 

Packet Pickup

PRR offered two packet pickup options:

  1. Saturday 11:00AM-3:00PM at their Reston Town Center Location
  2. Race Day 6:30AM-7:15AM near the start

Can you guess which option I chose….Race Day of course! I woke up around 5:30AM and got dressed.  It was going to be hot and humid out so I chose a tank top and capris.  I grabbed some water and a Picky Bar and left Washington, DC shortly before 6:00AM.  

I arrived at the race start around 6:30AM – there was no traffic…yay!! When you enter Brown’s Chapel Park there is a fork in the road – left/straight is the parking lot and right is the start/finish area (also blocked off by cones).  I found a parking space right away and made my way to the starting area to pick up our bibs. 

I thought the race shirts were pretty.  What I love about PRR races is the ability to opt out of a race shirt and receive a $10 PRR card instead.  Since I have bins filled with race shirts, I chose the gift card. 

Race Goals (ā€œAā€ least probable and ā€œCā€ most probable)

This race was my first 4 Miler – which meant automatic PR…don’t you love those? Heading into this race I wanted to take it easy since I had a double workout on Saturday and my calves were feeling tight again.  If my calves were feeling okay, I wanted to push the last mile. If racing, I would have based my goals based on my 5K and 8K times. 

Mother’s Day 4 Miler

Having run the Perfect 10K in 2013 and 2014, I know the area can be hilly.  I wish I plugged in the course map to see what the elevation looked like before the race, but surprise hills are tons of fun, right? šŸ™‚

The race is an out and back from Brown Chapel Park (the course looks like a triangle).  As you can see from my pic below, I grabbed a great starting line position…just kidding…snagged the pic before everyone arrived that morning.

The race began promptly at 8:00AM and we were off – slight downhill below.   There were no corrals or pace signs so it was a bit crowded at first.  It quickly thinned out as we encountered our first hill!

Image: Potomac River Running

My calves were so tight, I felt like I was hobbling along with stick legs!  I made it up the hill, but was so spent that I walked about 15 seconds before I resumed running. I thought, “Jen… you made it up the hill and you start walking during the flat portion” I laughed at myself and moved along.  After  the first hill the course was pretty much flat or downhill through Mile 3 (splits hovered around 11:30-11:45ish….lost my actual splits booo).

Right after that Mile 3 we approached another hill near Baron Cameron Parkway.  Once we made a right into Brown Chapel Park I knew the finish line (also the start) sat on top of a small hill.  My calves were tight, but I “sprinted” up the hill as fast as I could..even passing a few folks. My final time was 46:38 or 11:39 min/mile.  

Image: Potomac River Running

Announcers called everyone’s name, which was a nice touch.  So happy to cross the finish line!

Image: Potomac River Running

I grabbed a water and positioned myself near the finish line to take some pictures of my mom finishing.  She was looking at me, but I was motioning for her to look at the official race photographer.

Image: Potomac River Running

Go mom!

Image: Potomac River Running

I was super sweaty! I wish I inherited the non sweaty gene from my mom. 

They gave each mom a carnation….what a pretty bunch!

My mom grabbed a banana and we walked back to the car.  The park is surrounded by a lake – it was pretty to look at.

Another nice view.

Final Thoughts

  • The race was smallish with about 700 runners – fun to see so many families out. 
  • Easy packet pickup options.
  • This Mother’s Day event was stroller/walker friendly.  I did see a runner pulled over to the side of the road b/c her stroller had a flat tire – yikes! 
  • I arrived on the earlier side, but if you came later parking filled up quickly.  I think some people had to park on the other side of Baron Cameron Parkway. 
  • It was fun to run a different PRR course! If my calves were not tight that day, it is the type of course I usually enjoy (easier than the Perfect 10K course). Maybe next year “speedy” Jen will make an appearance. 
  • There were two water stops and plenty of volunteers directing traffic. 
  • Free photos!! Thanks PRR!!
  • There were some vendors at the start/finish line (not running related)
  • Benefited Devotion to Children
  • Close to Reston Town Center for post race yummies. 

This was a nice low key race and hope to make it a yearly tradition!

In addition to the shirt (or gift card), runners also received a race pin.  

Have you run a 4 miler before? 

Have you run a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day race before? 

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Run Jenny Run
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      1. Run Jenny Run

        My mom prefers walking – perhaps your mom will do that?

      1. Run Jenny Run

        It was a cute neighborhood. Maybe your mom would walk a race? šŸ™‚

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Nice to change it up from large to small races. You don’t find many 4 milers – hope you get to run one in the future.

    1. Oh man, I’ve never considered strollers getting flat tires — that stinks so much!

      I really like that shirt, but a gift card is so nice, too. What a great location near that gorgeous lake! Congrats on your PR. šŸ˜‰
      Elizabeth recently posted…DIY: Paver Stone PathMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I really like that perk! Will use the gift card for some Nuun this summer. I hope the lady was able to get home okay, I heard her dialing a friend or husband her location.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        It was nice – perhaps one day your boy’s will run a Mothers Day race with you!

    1. You and your mom look so happy! Way to get those endorphins together on Mother’s Day!

      I’ve never raced a four miler but I’d love to try it. The vast majority of my week night runs are 4 miles so I feel like it could be my perfect race distance, haha!
      Kristina recently posted…Running Related Thoughts (Of Course!)My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        That would be the perfect distance for you! Funny..I think most of my “lets go on a run” (not too short or not too long) are the 4-5 mile range.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        That’s great your mom and dad are running! It’s fun, right?

    1. I did a mother’s day race for the past two years but couldn’t this year- I was out of town. This one looks like a lot of fun and I love that they gave all the mom’s flowers. Plus it’s cool you can get a gift card if you don’t want a race shirt (I almost never want a race shirt…). Looks like it was a great way to celebrate the day and spend it with your mom too.
      Amy Lauren recently posted…WAHS Dash Thru the Den 5K (21:31)My Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        It is a super nice perk – especially for races I’ve participated in already (plus a good way to “get your money back”). It was a nice morning, one day we’ll get my dad out for a Fathers Day run… šŸ™‚

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I like the purple/turquoise combination. Thanks, Jenn!

    1. Your mom looks so happy in her race photos! And I didn’t realize that you did in fact purchase the race pass again this year. Any plans to do either Firecracker 5k or Leesburg 20k again this year?
      Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Fitness Wish ListMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Yes, I ended up purchasing it again! I am on the fence on Firecracker 5K, I may run a 4 miler (haha) that is hosted by DC Road Runners (in DC). I SOO wanted to run the Leesburg 20K again (for a little redemption), but I’ll be coming back from vacation that day.

    1. That is so awesome! I did this one with my sons a few years ago. My mom just recently started run/walk and has done a few 5Ks, but we don’t live anywhere near each other. They are coming to visit me in PA over 4th of July and I found an event that has a 5K and a one mile fun run. So younger son and mom doing 1 mile, older son and me doing 5K. So great to have a fitness-focused family!!
      Kelli recently posted…Training while travelingMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Aww so nice your mom started to run/walk. I love that the family signed up for the 5K / 1M for the Fourth of July. You will all have so much fun!

      1. Run Jenny Run

        I just realized… can’t believe I am calling this weather hot…when it will get HOTTER! Do you think you’ll run the DCRR 4 Miler on the 4th?

    1. I think it’s so awesome that you were able to participate in this race with your mom; what a treat! I love the shirts, the race pin (what a great idea!) and the automatic PR – those are THE BEST! Congrats, Jenny!! When is your next race? I have a 4-miler coming up in August; I did pretty well last year, but now I’ve lost my built-in PR – ha!
      Tara @ Running ‘N’ Reading recently posted…Things You Won’t Say by Sarah PekkanenMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        The race pin is nice, I add it to a lanyard they gave us last year during the NY’s Day race. The shirt is really cute…two of my favorite colors. My next race is the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K in 3 weeks (I think haha). I am sure you will rock your 4 miler, you’ve had great training runs this year.

    1. Your mom is so cute! I love that you were able to capture a few pics of her crossing the finish line. And fun to do a Mother’s Day race together šŸ™‚

      I think it’s awesome that the race allowed you to opt for a gift card instead of a shirt. I wish more races offered that option!
      Sun recently posted…On the MendMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Same (since I tend to run repeat races haha). Its fun reading your recaps as well – I told my mom they are quite a few bloggers who also run with their moms.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks, Abby! It was nice way to celebrate. This past weekend I took her out for Mother’s Day part 2 (pedicures….the exact opposite haha) šŸ™‚

      1. Run Jenny Run

        It was a nice pic, and good finish line area (for a small race). Like Sherry, I can picture your boys running a Mothers Day race with you!

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