2015 Predictions & Resolutions 5K Race Recap

January 6, 2015

This year I kicked off 2015 by running the Predictions & Resolutions 5K in Arlington, Virginia.  This low-key, no frills race is hosted by DC Road Runners and is the same 5K that Courtney and Mar participated in last year.  


Image: DC Road Runners

I thought I would be participating in Potomac River Running New Year’s Day 5K (like I did last year), but after a few quick tweets and little convincing I was signed up for this 5K.  A 12:00PM start and less than 4 miles from my apartment…how can you beat that?

Bib Pickup

Bib pickup was available at 11:00AM on race morning.  I parked in Georgetown and walked across the Key Bridge. It was pretty empty except for a few runners warming up ahead of the 5K. 


I turned back and took a quick picture of Georgetown University.


I reached the Virginia side of the bridge and saw a sign directing runners to the start area.


I went to the check in table, picked up my bib and safety pins, and headed towards the side of the trail (the trail was still open to the public).


A few minutes later Colleen spotted me, and Mar and Courtney found us shortly thereafter. 


Race Goals (“A” least probable and “C” most probable)

Because my foot had been giving me some trouble, this would be my first run since the Surf ‘N’ Santa 5 Miler. My only goal was to take this 5K easy and to walk up any hills (which is when my foot would hurt). 

Predictions & Resolutions 5K

The 5K is an out and back course that starts/finishes in Arlington, Virginia and utilizes the Mount Vernon Trail.


This year DCRR instituted a wave start – so gathering and lining up everyone along the trail (without blocking it) was a pretty funny sight.  The race organizers called out a pace and we lined up accordingly. 


Because we were sharing the path with the public (including other runners, joggers, walkers and bikers) DCRR emailed participants with safety tips and to run single file.  For the first mile or so I got stuck behind a pack, but I did not mind since I was not racing the 5K.  Only from Virginia you get to enjoy these panoramic views of Washington D.C. 


Close to the half way mark there was a water table – I was a bit cold and had to go to the bathroom…so I skipped out on that.  I forgot that the trail had gradual elevation changes, but it did not bother my foot.  I made sure to walk up the “steeper” inclines, including one close to the end of the 5K.  I crossed the finish line with a time of 34:42 – and it was nice to see/hear my friends as I finished. 

Final Thoughts

  • I love that this race started at 12:00PM. 
  • This no frills race, came with a no frills cost of $5! If you are a DCRR member, it was free (I signed up for this race before becoming a DCRR member). 
  • Beautiful views running along Mount Vernon Trail.  I will need to make it a goal to run there more often this year.
  • The start was a bit congested and it is likely to get stuck behind a couple packs since we were sharing a trail. 
  • Some people did not read the race instructions and ran two abreast. 
  • Mile markers were in kilometers. 
  • There were volunteers directing runners along the course and also manning the water table.
  • There is a section under the bridge that is very narrow – bikers are suppose to hop off and we were suppose to run single file (returning runners had the right away).  Some of the bikers (non racers) broke trail rules.
  • Be careful while on the path – this is shared space.  Prior to my finish a young girl was knocked over by a bicyclist.  Unfortunately the bicyclist did not even stop to check on the girl!
  • There was post race bagels and water.
  • Easy access to parking (both in Virginia and DC).  The metro was open as well.
  • Walker and runner friendly.

If I am in town next year I hope to run the Predictions and Resolutions 5K again and make it a yearly tradition.  The location and price can’t be beat.  I’ll save my PRR Race Pass registration on one of their other races.

What was the latest you ever started for a race or run?

Do you prefer smaller or larger races?

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