2015 Crystal City Friday 5K Recap – Race 2/3

April 14, 2015

Missed Race #1? Recap here.

This past Friday was Race #2 of the Crystal City Friday 5K race series.  As you may recall I had some lessons learned from Race #1.  This time I made sure I hydrated all day and ate a banana before the race.  Like last week, the forecast called for rain so I went with a tank top, a thin long sleeved shirt, and capris.  I also wore my New York City Marathon visor for the first time – can’t believe it has been 5 months since the marathon!

Crystal City 5K – Race #2

This time I decided to take the metro to Crystal City – it was about 30-40 minutes door to door (no transfers yay).  I arrived around 6:00PM and there was less people milling around the start than last week (I looked at the results and it was about the same number of people in Race #1 and #2, people decided to wait inside in the shopping area).  I met up with Courtney and we were able to catch up a bit before the race. 

Last week I finished with a time of 33:49 or 10:53min/mile.  My goal for Race #2 was to best that time.  Here were my splits for Race #2 (splits from Race #1 in parentheses):

  • Mile 1: 9:44 (9:45) tried not to start too quickly…woah similar to last week
  • Mile 2: 10:09 (10:14) faster than last week..hmmm…no stitches yay!
  • Mile 3: 10:58 (11:34) ughhh…stitches here they come

My final time was 32:59 or 10:36min/mile, an improvement of almost one minute.  This time I made an effort not to go out too fast for the first mile, but I ended up mirroring my split from the previous week.  I felt really good the first two miles and the 5K was going by real quickly (plus I was familiar with the course). Shortly after the second mile the side stitches crept up again (luckily not as painful as week 1).  I tried the breathing exercises and took a couple of walk breaks to massage my side.  I finished stronger than last week, but there is room to improve.

I will miss the 5K this Friday, but will return for the last 5K of the series.  Here is my plan for Race #3:

  • Replicate hydration and fueling from Race #2.
  • Carry my handheld water bottle again.
  • Continue with hill repeats (I think they helped with the slight incline of the course).
  • My Garmin displayed 3.2 miles for both races.  I noticed I was already at 1.1 miles after I passed the first mile marker.  I’ll need to make some slight adjustments and hope I run the tangents (some good articles here and here).
  • Improve mile 3 split (hopefully no side stitches). 

Hopefully my time will improve for Race #3 and it would be nice to finish in 31:00-32:00 (low 32s). 

GPS runners – when you run are you typically under or over the race distance?

Any tips for running the tangents?

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      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Mindy! It is superhard. I was thinking of the course and we start in a semi circle… I will try running in the “inner lane” next time.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks! You are right, it can be difficult with the number of runners (hard to view the course). We start in a circle (you may remember from the MCM course – the turnaround point in Crystal City), so it is a bit crowded for the first tenth or two of a mile.

    1. great job with the improvements! I would love to do a race series like this where you could improve every week.
      I need to work on running the tangents but it can be hard when you are weaving in and out between people.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Juliana – very true! Hope you can find a race series like this near you.

      1. Run Jenny Run

        Thanks Colleen – they appear all of the sudden too. Hope you have a good 5K this Friday.

    1. I think a one-minute improvement between the two races is impressive, especially for the 5k distance. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things to achieve speedier race times. Running the tangents is tough for all runners. One thing I suggest is running or driving the course before the race so you know where the turns are so you can anticipate in advance. Best of luck at the next race!
      Sun recently posted…You Snooze, You WinMy Profile

      1. Run Jenny Run

        That is a good idea, Sun! I wish I was able to run Race #3 so I could try a different approach. I could get there a little early on Friday and scope out that first half mile or so. Thanks.

    1. Run Jenny Run

      I haven’t had a perfect 5K yet – always a tenth of a mile extra which is 1-2 minutes eeks. Half marathons I usually finish in the 13.2-25 range My Garmin died before it could capture my full marathon distance.

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