2014 SOME Trot for Hunger 5K Race Recap

December 2, 2014

This past Thursday I participated in the So Others May Eat (SOME) Trot for Hunger 5K in Washington, DC (here is a link to last year’s recap).  


Image: SOME Trot for Hunger

Packet Pickup

Like last year, organizers offered three packet pickup options the week of the race:

  1. Pacers Logan Circle Pickup on Tuesday
  2. Pacers Alexandria Pickup on Wednesday
  3. Race Day Pickup

My friend Jenn picked up my bib and shirt (long sleeve cotton) for me. 


Race Goals (“A” least probable and “C” most probable)

Knowing how crowded this 5K can be, I did not have A, B or C goals.  I thought it would be nice to finish +/- 30 seconds from last week’s 5K time, but if that didn’t happen it would be okay.  I just wanted to have some fun and burn off the cals before dinner 🙂 

SOME Trot for Hunger 5K

Race morning I parked on 13th/L and walked about a mile to Freedom Plaza with a Picky Bar in hand.  I wore a tank top, hoodie, tights, headband, and gloves.  It was cold, but not as a cold as last year so I opted out of the vest.  In hindsight the hoodie was too warm for me.  I picked up some safety pins and took this shot of everyone warming up (my phone was running low on battery so no more pictures point forward).  You can see President Wilson in the background. 


Afterwards I headed towards the CVS for a Oiselle meetup and eventually see my friends Jenn and Brett before the race.  Sadly I could not find Jenn and Brett.


Image: Courtesy of Julie

About 10 minutes before the race we headed towards the corrals – people were spilling out of the gates (imagine rush hour traffic and cars merging from 4 lanes of traffic to 3).  I did not mind the wait since it was chipped time.  I walked along with Julie and said good bye before we crossed the mat.  I realized I forgotten my watch – oh well! 


Image: SOME Trot for Hunger

If you have ever run a 5K or 10K in DC managed by Pacers this is a pretty standard route.  Runners head east towards the Capitol building, loop around Independence Avenue and head back towards Freedom Plaza.I love out and back courses and saw the leaders head back as I passed Mile 1.  I also saw Courtney fly by (pun intended). 

I ran across the finish line and did not know my finishing time right away because I was watch less.  Later that afternoon I learned I finished with a time of 32.33 – the exact time as last week!  Too funny.  It was also a course PR (last year I finished with a time of 36:39).

I always go into 5Ks thinking….this will be awesome – 10 miles less than my beloved half – I got this.  Ummmm they are always hard!  Like last year, the timers had some neat infographics. 


This year I squeaked in with an “average” finish time for females.  The below graph shows how I finished relative to my division and other runners.


Final Thoughts

The first four bullets are modified from last year:

  • The race fees were a reasonable $25 (untimed bib) and $30 (timed bib).  Reasonable is all relative compared to a half marathon 🙂
  • It also went to a great cause.
  • Burned some calories before Thanksgiving dinner (yay more dessert for me!)
  • 5Ks are nice and quick! What a treat.
  • Like the 9am start.
  • Parking was a breeze (I could usually walk, but was running out of time in the morning).
  • Thank you for the water volunteers – such a difficult job for a short course and tons of participants. 
  •  It would be cool if they could add a 10K – I would SO run it…… said girl who wants to improve in the 5K haha #distanceprobs
  • There were walkers at the onset (and I love my walkers) but it could get dangerous when some start in the first corral.  Perhaps have a walking start at 9:15? I understand it would be difficult to police and this is a “fun” race…but still…maybe some signage?

I would definitely run this race again.

How small/large was your Turkey trot?

Have you ever had the same time for multiple races?

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